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Keep in mind, as much as we try to keep this page current, it may be dated and not accurately reflect which dogs are available and unavailable.  Please fill out an application so we may match you to the best fit for your home.  This is always the first step prior to starting correspondence about one of Ken's Bostons.  We look forward to being in touch!


Name: Dolly

Sex: Intact Female

Age: <1 year old

Price: $3500 - Cash Price

Dolly is a very happy, playful girl with plenty of puppy energy.  She loves being close to her people, romping outside, and playing with her squeaky toys.  


Name: Cologne
Sex: Intact Male
Date of Birth: 12/14/22
Price: $5500 - Cash Price

Cologne is a beautiful representation of the Boston Terrier breed.  He has the classic Boston Terrier head with an excellent temperament.  He has a nice, level topline with beautiful round eyes.  He has an excellent bite and the correct muzzle.

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