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All puppies produced by Ken's Boston Terriers are bred from championship titled, health tested sires and dams.  Our goal is to produce quality dogs with sound structure and excellent breed temperament.  All of our Boston Terrier puppies are checked for health, vaccinated, and issued a certificate of health by an on-site licensed veterinarian upon departure. 

We do not breed for any color or pattern that isn't included in the Boston Terrier breed standard.  We do not produce dogs of disqualifying colors or patterns, such as red Boston terriers.

Our available dogs often consist of puppies, juveniles, and young adults that did not compliment our breeding/show program in addition to retired champions.  We pride ourselves on having nice, quality companion puppies/adults available to quality pet homes.  

Because of the work we put into our dogs, we do not have any Boston Terriers for sale to the first person who applies.  All applicants must go through a careful screening process to ensure you are a good fit for one of our puppies before we find the puppy that fits your home and lifestyle best. 

Owner Questionnaire

Please email your completed application to for review.

Pricing Scale

$1500 - Retired Adults

  • Spayed/Neutered

$2000 - Young Adults

  • Spayed/Neutered

$2500 - Puppies for Companion Homes

  • Limited Registration

  • No Breeding Rights

  • Spayed/Neutered

$3500 - Pet Puppies 

  • Limited Registration

  • Limited Show Rights

  • Spay/Neuter Agreement

$4500 - Breeding Puppy

  • Open Registration

  • Breeding Rights

All dogs are released with a health guarantee, a bill of sale, and a sales contract.


We will update our site as soon as we have any puppies available.

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