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What are you looking at when the dog comes toward you?

Three important areas to view when examining the front of a Boston Terrier:

  1. View of Front On:

    1. You must always keep in mind that a Boston is a TERRIER, not a BULLDOG. When viewed from the front, the leg should appear under the dog, not tacked onto the side of the dog like that of a bulldog. The space between the legs on the front should give the appearance of a rectangle, NOT a square (again, like that of a bulldog).

  1. View from Above:

    1. Another observation when viewing a Boston from ABOVE, you should never see the elbows as you do when viewing a bulldog.

  1. View from the Side (profile view)

    1. Per the Boston Terrier standard, “the shoulders are sloping and well laid back.” All breeds of dogs with well laid back shoulders have a 90° angle placement. It is important that you understand that.

    2. It is important to remember that the barrel of the chest should always come down to the elbow. Without this, you have no connective tissue to hold the elbow in place for correct movement on a Boston Terrier.

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