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It's All About the Eyes!

There are two things of great importance in the Boston Terrier standard.

  1. 1The most important characteristic is EXPRESSION, which the standard allocates 10 points for this.

  2. You can't get the "God love it" expression without the correct "large, dark, round eye" which the standard allocates 5 points for as well.

With the standard giving 15 total points to this area, it's a pretty big deal, so judges and breeders need to get it right.

It's beginning to be a rare find in the ring and once this feature is gone, we will lose it for good as it is a dominant trait.

So breeders first, and judges second, need to focus more on this area.

A large, dark, round eye is the most important feature of our breed. Without it, you have just a pet quality specimen that neither belongs in the breeding program or the show ring.

When we talk about the eye, we are referring to the opening, not the eyeball itself. Don't be fooled by the comment "Oh, it's the sunlight" or "He's just tired." A true round eye stays round regardless.

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